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dana's new book
coming 2023

Dana's book reveals the formula for creating generational wealth while taking the reader through a dark humor roller coaster ride filled with human experiences everyone can relate to having.

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“Dana is an extraordinary human and leader…creative, empathetic, committed, community-minded, generous, big-hearted, and smart as smart can be.  I love working and playing in this world with Dana.”

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persistence pays for black family buying rentals in seattle’s cd since 1950s

Property-owning Frank family thrives with changes in Central District demographics, writes Jerry Large.

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Her father, Gerald, built the family’s estate one rental property at time, raising her with privilege, while simultaneously tearing down the emotional state of the Frank women. But as long as she followed his tortured rules, she would not want for anything.

Her story is about what happens when you leave the safety of privilege and go on to create massive generational wealth through perseverance.

While many black families share this experience, Dana Frank is the first prominent voice to highlight this critical wealth dynamic.

When it comes to money, most of us believe that our upbringing dictates our financial future. For decades, the black experience has largely been restricted by rampant poverty, inequality, and hard limits imposed by those in power, preventing the accumulation of wealth for many. 

Countless memoirs detail the lives of struggling black families that scrimp and save to get by until a stroke of luck changes the narrative. The opposite is true for Dana Frank. 

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dana's new book coming soon

Dana writes a memoir redefining the black wealth experience through perseverance.

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